Giving vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people the best start in life

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The Nature Nurture Project was the first early intervention programme in the United Kingdom to tackle vulnerability and promote resilience by combining free-play and nurturing interactions in natural environments.

Our specific approach defines resilience as -

the mental, emotional and physical fortitude to recover from adversity and realise potential

We recognise the development of resilience as a primary factor in tackling vulnerability and in building positive foundations for a prosperous and meaningful adult life in which individuals are given the best means to reach their potential.

He who has a why to live for
can bear with almost any how

Friedrich Nietzche

Nature Nurture works in partnership with various referring agencies including social work, education and health and also places value on developing and promoting close working relationships with carers, parents and other family members.

Since its inception in 2009, Nature Nurture has supported over 300 children within the Aberdeen city/shire area.

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90% of children and young people who attend Nature Nurture show an increase in resilience. Following participation in the project, 60% of children and young people show improved engagement in education and increased school attendance.


CPD / Training

As an organisation we offer a variety of training packages which we deliver up and down the country. If you are interested in finding out more about what we provide or wish to book training sessions for your service, please follow the link below for more details.

Young people become successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens
Children have the best start in life and are ready to succeed
The life chances of children and young people at risk are improved
Children and young people grow to become strong, resilient and supportive members of their communities
Children and young people learn to take responsibility for their actions and how they affect others
Children and young people learn to value, enjoy, protect and enhance our built and natural environment
  • “'Today in Nature Nurture I like making a swing and then swinging on it, playing hide and seek and riding on the donkey' ”
    S, 8
  • “'I wish we could do a sponsored walk or something to get the money you need to run Nature Nurture forever. I want to come back in after Christmas and in the summer too. It helps me such a lot by coming here!' ”
    L, 11
  • “'I really like seeing everyone each week. We’ve made a club and I got to be leader. I fell out with one of the boys but I was really happy ‘cause I managed to sort it out and now we are friends again' ”
    A, 10
  • “'We wanted to thank you for all the superb work you have done the last two weeks. T has had a fantastic week full of opportunities and experiences that I’m sure he will remember for years to come'”
  • “'Our son had a fantastic time and speaks about it very fondly. He has asked to go back again on several occasions and has shown everyone his photographs' ”
  • “'Thank you very much to all the staff as C is much more confident with walking and it has helped her in becoming a well-rounded individual, and more sociable with others, especially adults, whom she used to shy away from. Well done all!' ”
  • “'As you know, everyone has been delighted with the progress T has made whilst attending Nature Nurture sessions. T himself describes the past 12 months as the “best of his life so far” and his care network have seen huge developments in his social, relationship and empathy skills. Nature Nurture has played a leading role in taking this forward after years of limited progress in these areas' ”
    Social Worker
  • “'My hope is that funding is made available to allow the project to continue running as my first-hand knowledge and experience has allowed me to witness the positive change that can be achieved in a young person’s life in a relatively short period of time' ”
    Staff member, Craigielea Childrens Centre
  • “'I am thrilled and delighted that our pupils were given the opportunity to participate. It is especially important for children raised in urban settings to have the opportunity to experience the types of things you have being exposing them to. I believe that very few of our children would otherwise have had that… Thank you for all the excellent work you and your team have undertaken with our children. I am SO pleased that we were given the opportunity to take part. I send you all every good wish for the future'”
    Head Teacher - Marchburn Primary
  • “'J has been working well in class, appearing happier, improved social skills and showing a sense of humour. J is also taking part in the school Pantomime, which she had refused to do in the past. There have been some instances where J has become upset but it has been resolved more quickly than previously. J seems more confident and is able to make and keep friends and seems more open, she had been able to speak to me more, although it seems she can still be guarded. It is felt that the Nature Nurture group has been able to help J in so many ways. There has been such a positive change in J.’”
    Head Teacher