Training and CPD

The Training We Offer

Nature Nurture team members can offer CPD to professionals from a wide range of disciplines including social care, education and health.

Sessions can be offered during the daytime or as twilight courses depending on requirements. We offer sessions on multiple topics from which you can choose to design a 1/2 day, whole day or 2 day course to suit your needs.

Indoor sessions with practical activities – 1 ½ hour sessions

Topics include:

• Teaching and Nurturing in Natural Outdoor Environments: Principles, values and practice of Nature Nurture, research and theories underpinning these principles and values.
• Attachment disorders, trauma and anxiety in children: What is attachment? How to recognise attachment disorders, post-traumatic stress and anxiety in children. Early intervention in outdoor environments.
• The therapeutic value of joy and celebration for the anxious and traumatised child.
• Understanding the effects of childhood stress, observation, assessment and intervention
• Working with rhythm and balance to promote health and wellbeing and to develop self-regulation.
• Working with sensory experiences outdoors to promote health and wellbeing.
• Promoting Resilience: What is resilience? How can children be helped to cope with stress and distress through experiences in natural environments?
• Risk: Managing risk to promote healthy development and resilience. Working with risk averse attitudes, guidelines and policies. Effective risk assessment and risk/ benefit analysis in practice
• Nurturing through relationships: developing skills in attunement and responsiveness with children who have experienced neglect and abuse
• Play development and the value of outdoor play. Understanding the principles of free play
• Child observation: noticing processes in developing wellbeing and resilience

Outdoor practical sessions – 1 ½ hour sessions

(including travel to outdoor site)

Topics include:

• Practical activities that nurture and facilitate play in natural environments
• Creating play opportunities in the natural environment for different age groups
• Working with schema and sensory experiences to promote health, wellbeing and knowledge and understanding in the natural world
• Woodland skills: working with fire, shelter building, tools etc
• Developing awe and wonder through play in natural environments
• Arts and crafts in the natural environment. Using natural materials outdoors to create
• Planning play sessions that are child led but work with rhythm, balance and pace
• Developing natural learning environments. What resources do we have and how can we best utilise them?

Nature Nurture Training Events 2017

Terri and Daniel are delivering a workshop on promoting resilience through outdoor play on 13 May in Perth. This training is open to anyone working in an educational capacity and is free! Booking is essential.

If you are interested in CPD or training please contact to discuss your requirements.

We also work in partnership with NESOLG, North East Scotland Outdoor Learning Group