Keeping the Focus on Children

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There is increasing concern for children in Scotland who are affected by substance abuse and domestic violence. According to Alcohol Focus Scotland, numbers in Scotland hospitalised through drink ‘has soared by 270% in only 15 years’ and ‘between 80 – 100,000 children have one or both parents who suffer from an alcohol problem.’

Hidden Harm (2003) estimates 41,000 – 59,000 Scottish children have a parent who misuses substances. In Aberdeen City, of the children on the child protection register, 46% were affected by domestic abuse, 40% were affected by parental mental health, 38% were affected by parental drug use and 32% were affected by parental alcohol use (2011).

The Scottish child protection and audit review identified domestic abuse as a feature of at least one third of child protection cases (Scottish Executive, 2002).

Approximately half the incidents of reported domestic abuse involve children (ACPOS snapshot report, 2007).

Community Care (2011) highlights the ‘multiple and cumulative adverse consequences of parental substance misuse for children’s development’. Promoting resilience is seen as a key factor in supporting children… full article

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Nature Nurture is not responsible for the content of external sites

‘Natural environments reduce stress and promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing…’

Burdette and Whitaker, (2005) argue that outdoor, unstructured free play brings a host of benefits to children

Taylor, Andrea Faber; Frances E. Kuo; and William C. Sullivan (2001) found that exposure to greenspace positively impacts on the effects of ADHD


‘Play is the optimum medium for learning and development and promotes health and wellbeing…’

Joan Packer Isenberg and Nancy Quisenberry of The Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI), argue that play is essential for all children

In ‘Play, naturally’, Stuart Lester and Martin Maudsley find there is significant evidence to support the assertion that there are wide-ranging values and benefits arising from children’s play in natural settings


‘Attuned & nurturing interactions underpin healthy brain development and promote the mental, physical, emotional and social development of neglected, abused and traumatised children…’

Dr Bruce D. Perry, outlines the consequences of childhood neglect on brain development


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