Who We Are

Our History

Established in 2009, by a group of senior child-care professionals, Nature Nurture’s mission has always been to improve the life chances of disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people who are experiencing challenges at home, in school and within the community.

Our Team

Nature Nurture has a team of professionals, expert in understanding and nurturing vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people with a diverse range of needs.


Terri Harrison

Terri is one of the co-founders of the Nature Nurture Project and has been instrumental in the creation and establishment of the Nature Nurture approach. She is currently acting as a project coordinator and group leader. She is also responsible for delivering regular training and CPD sessions for Nature Nurture staff. Terri holds a BA in social pedagogy, PGDE and Forest School Leader qualification. She has over 30 years’ experience working with children and young adults. Before beginning Nature Nurture, Terri was a teacher and also ran residential units in Camphill School Aberdeen. Alongside her commitments to Nature Nurture, Terri is manager of early childhood services in Camphill School Aberdeen. She runs training in outdoor learning and play throughout the UK and has been a tutor on a Forest School training course for the past three years.


Daniel Harrison

Daniel is another co-founder of the Nature Nurture Project, developing and implementing the Nature Nurture approach with Terri in 2009. Daniel has over 11 years’ experience running businesses and has applied this knowledge to the establishment and running of The Nature Nurture Project. Daniel worked as a teacher, residential unit coordinator and workshop instructor in Camphill for 28 years. He was also an instructor in Behaviour Support Strategies in Camphill School Aberdeen for 10 years, and has been a tutor on our local Forest School training course for the past three years. Daniel, alongside Terri, currently oversees the running of all Nature Nurture Programs and provides training and CPD to staff. He also delivers Nature Nurture training up and down the country.


Beth Finnigan

Beth is an experienced Nature Nurture group leader. She is a qualified Forest School Leader and has been running the projects 8-11 programmes on Camphill Estate for the past two years. Alongside these duties, she assists in the running of both the 5-8’s and under 5’s programmes. Beth retains a BA in Youth and Community Arts and a Masters in Youth work. She has over 9 years’ experience working with children and young adults in various settings. As well as running groups, Beth has been responsible for the charities fund raising.


Luke Harrison

Luke is a Nature Nurture group leader, having joined the Project full time in 2015. Luke is currently running the 8-11’s programme in Camphill estate and works as a team member in the under 5’s and 5-8’s programmes. He is in the process of attaining his Forest School Leadership qualification. Luke has over 9 years’ experience working with children and young adults with additional support needs and holds an SVQ level 3 in childcare and development. He has recently graduated with a 1st Class Honours in Psychology and is working towards a PGD in Person Centred Counselling. Luke is also responsible for the projects photography and filming and maintaining Nature Nurtures social media presence.


Archie Scrase

Archie is a qualified Forest School Leader who has been working for the Nature Nurture Project for 2 years. He is a team member in all the current programmes running at Nature Nurture. Archie has over 5 years’ experience working with children and young adults with additional support needs.


Claire Hudson

Claire is a team member at Nature Nurture, working in the 5-8’s and under 5’s programmes on Murtle Estate. Claire has been volunteering at Nature Nurture for the past 2 years and has over 6 years’ experience working in early years. She holds a BSC Nursing and a Diploma in Research and Evaluation. Claire is a fully qualified Forest School Leader and is also currently running two Forest School sessions for a local play group in Aberdeenshire.